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Raising A Responsible Citizen

Most everyone knows that I, along with all the other women in my family, am a staunch Democrat. Women in my family have been exercising the right to vote even when it was dangerous to do so. My great-aunt told me about voting for FDR & Kennedy, Carter and Clinton, having that powerful feeling that her vote helped seal their election. Being an American Black Female with an opinion about who the best candidate was for her family could have cost her and my great-grandmother their lives. However she told me that you make sacrifices for your family, and exercising her right to vote was a way to protect her family. It was more than, her right and freedom to do so. My aunt believed that in order to have change, you have to make it. Be apart of life! Everyone has a part, and everyone will make a difference. She believed in her God, her government and in the goodness of people. She truly believed that we were put on this earth to help one another and that there were people put here to lead us and help us in the right direction. She believed that things needed to be done for her family and her people. She knew in her heart that placing certain people in office would help. In essence she was right! The Roosevelt & Kennedy administrations played a large part in progression & modernization of this country. Both in industry and civility. So I figure if a young black girl can walk from work after scrubbing floors all day in the middle of Jim Crow in New Orleans and go vote… I better make sure I’m registered and I get to it! Yesterday, I did that. In honor of my great-grandmother, great-aunt, great-grandfather, grandfather and all my other relatives that fought for my right to vote, I took my son down to Norwalk to early vote. I took my first born, who was nothing but a twinkle in his daddy’s eye last election, to vote for the first black President of the United States to a second term in office. I did that!

In my heart, I feel that I know what I know and believe what I believe because of how I was raised. Informed, active and respectful. We knew where we came from so that we could understand how to get where we were going. I’m raising my son that same way. What does my three year old know about his government? Well, that we have a President. That the President is now Barack Obama. He understands that Mommy and Daddy like Barack Obama. He understands that The President is in charge and a leader. He understands that we have to say we want to President Obama to be President again or we have to say that Governor Romney should be President by voting. He understands you color in the bubble with a number to vote. He believes that President Obama is his BFF and that he should come over and play in his power wheels with him, but that’s a different story. He understands that like President Obama, he too can be President one day. I know people say that we as black people put a lot of emphasis on our children knowing a black President. Well, because WE now have a source of pride. He’s not just a black man in the White House. He shares a story like so many other Americans. Black or White. He is a representation of Black America… and really just America. He has a true American story. And so by making a person of color a representative of all people, it allows us as Black Americans to stop being Black Americans and just be Americans.

I took him and showed him how we vote. It makes me proud to see my son get so excited over this process. He was excited when he saw how many came to there to vote. It didn’t matter who they voted for and he didn’t ask. He didn’t even ask me if they were all voting for President Obama, he just asked if “all these peoples going to votes?”. It was like a light bulb flickered on when he realized that with that piece of paper you had the power to say that you wanted so and so to become President and no one could tell you no! We let him drop the ballot in the box and the look of empowerment that washed over his face was electric. He knew he had just done something great! He was apart of something great and he loved it.

Yesterday, Nannie and Jodie were looking down on little Jaxxy. I could almost hear their applause and laughter as they watched a new generation begin. Without a fight. Without any issue. Without reservation their little one was able to help his Mommy cast a vote. As a young black single mother with a pre-existing condition, you know why I voted for Obama. Now as Josephine James Boleman Collins’ great-grandmother & Roberta Charity Boleman Paul’s great-great niece, you understand why I had to take my 3 year old down to vote for the new face of Democracy. They fought for me before my grandmother was even thought of. They fought for Barack Obama before his mother took her first step. They fought for Jaxon’s vote before they could even walk into a polling place without getting spit on. Yesterday, made the fight worth it and the victory sweeter!

Fun Afterschool Activity TODAY in Studio City

One of our Crazy Creole Mommy Fav bakeshop, Big Sugar Bakeshop in Studio City is having a fun Halloween activity at the store today from 3-7pm. It’s cupcake decorating with the kids! One free cupcake and a 2 for 1 special with those kids in costume! Their desserts are delicious and it’s owned by Moms, so you know it’s a super kid friendly place! Thinking this might be a nice afterschool/Friday evening activity for me and the Hungry Hippo! Tell them Brooklyn, The Crazy Creole Mommy sent ya!


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With 3 years Comes Sass…

…I GUESS! I kinda don’t really know what the heck is happening! My kid literally says things that I don’t understand how he knows when or how to say them or why he even understands what they mean. I feel like my head is stuck in a vaccum of confusion when it comes to this little guy! I just don’t get it…or him! His dad says he’s too smart for everyone’s good…and I’m starting to think he’s right. My mom says I can’t let him see me sweat, but it’s kind of hard not to look like a deer caught in headlights when he just lays one on me!

First of all the little rascal has a freakin’ answer for everything I say! EVERYTHING! And usually it makes a lot of freakin’ sense! And it annoys me! He’s clever, brilliant and charming…basically a recipe for parenting disaster! Sometimes his logic is spot on and it makes me sick! LOL! You see this is when you find yourself repeating that golden phrase, “Because I said so!” . I never thought I would utter those words, but when you have a kid who just debunked your whole theory on why he should go to bed, the only tactic left to use is your physical authority! I’m older, bigger and therefore in charge, so shut up and go to sleep! UGH!

So the other night I’m getting Jax ready for bed and he’s just fighting it the whole way. I put on a shirt, turn around to grab the pants, he takes it off. Then I ask him if he would like to dress himself, he declines, so I continue. Then he steps out of pants to grab a toy. I scold, take toy away and bring him back to pants. Suddenly he fancies a jig. And he jigs so hard that it’s hard for me to try to put the pj’s on him! Seriously?! Are we doing this right now?!

Me: Jaxon, stop playing around. It’s time to put on your pajamas.

Jax: I don’t want to putting on my pajamas

Me: Well, I’m sorry. But you have to. It’s 7:30, which means its bedtime. You’re late getting ready for bed, so you need to hurry and put on your pajamas.

Jax: I don’t have bedtime at seven firty today.

Me: Yes you do.

Jax: No. I don’t have a go to bed. It’s Wednesday. Tomorrow is Firsday. I don’t have to go to school on Firsday. So I not having go to bed at seven firty!

*Insert Deer Look*

Me: There’s no such thing as Firsday! Go to bed!

Jax: I not saying FIRSDAY… I saying FUUUURRRSSS DAY! And no I don’t wanna go to bed!

Me: Guess it doesn’t matter that you don’t have school tomorrow. It’s 7:30 and you are going to bed!

*Insert Toddler Whine Fest*

Jax: I don’t want to! Why???

Me: Because I said so!


End Scene

Holiday Travel With An Uncooperative Colon

Here come the Holidays. The last 5 holidays for me were a total drag. In the sense that I consistently had a flare up making it hard to really enjoy festivities! And even harder to travel! But I’ve learned somethings over the years, especially after having Jax. Traveling with a child is already a process in itself, but tack on pain and frequent bathroom trips…you gots yourself once heck of an experience. I have travelled quite frequently with Hippo since he’s been born. Sometimes with a companion, sometimes just me, him and my broken colon! How did I deal? Preparation and extra baggage.

One thing I’ve learned is that you get a carry on and a purse. With a baby, you get a carry on, a purse and a diaper bag. First thing was figuring out the packing situation. What could I carry on? What did I need to carry on? Well for the baby there were the diapers, wipes, two milk bottles, two clean bottles, pacifiers, change of clothes, blankets, burping cloths… *whew*… a toy or two, bottle of water, extra formula and a hand breast pump! Yea, a hand breast pump! What if your flight is cancelled or delayed and your boobs start to fill up but the baby is full and, and, and…you get the picture! When travelling always be prepared. Okay, so the kid is good. What about mom? Okay so I dumped out my normal purse and found one of my large nifty purses and grabbed a whole lot of ziplocs. I began infusing my normal life needs with my UC life needs.

1. Wallet

2. Cell Phone

3. Travel Cell Charger

4. Regular Cell Charger

5. Hand/Portable Fan

6. Sanitary Napkins

7. Travel Roll of Toilet Paper

8. Travel Size Toilet Wipes

9. Travel Hand Santizer

10. Aquafor Lip Balm

11. Lipgloss

12. Travel Size Hand Balm

13. iPod

14. iPod Travel Charger

15. iPod Regular Charger

16. Over the Counter or Prescription Pain Relief

17. Zofran (nausea prescription)

18. 2 changes of underwear

19. 2 clean baggies and disposable bags

20. Smart Water or Gatorade (for before you get to security)

21. Pouched Applesauce

22. Pretzels or Rice Cakes

23. Ensure

24. Gum

25. Magazines

I said it was a big bag! LOL! Now if you don’t have an oversized purse, then I would suggest packing this in a backpack. I usually travelled with my laptop and/or iPad for work reasons. So there was that bulk. But I also had a change of  pants and top just in case. Pack SNACKS!! Lots of Snacks, just in case! I have some great travel healthy snack ideas here.  If you have an Ostomy, I would suggest bringing a whole kit. Not just a couple of bags, but a wafer, stoma paste, adhesive removers, etc. Just in case! Those pregnancy pops also work very very well to take the nausea down. If you’re travelling with your spouse, it makes it a lot easier to divide up everything for your carry ons.

Also if you’re like I was and had a hard time standing up for a long period of time during a flare up or not, ask for a wheelchair! Don’t be ashamed! Who cares what people think! When checking in as for a wheelchair whether with a companion or not. I travelled with both a stroller and a Bjorn! I also found some other nifty travel accessories from Right Start. Just stuff that made life a whole lot easier on me! Worth the investments! When Dad was travelling with us it was easier to go ahead and let him push the stroller or strap the baby to me and either move through security or be wheeled through security. When I was alone, I still travelled with both. I usually needed a wheelchair and the person who took us to the airport was allowed a special pass to travel through security with us to the gate pushing the baby as I was wheeled through the airport. It will also allow you time to go the bathroom before your flight, get on early and rest before taking off. While boarding I informed a flight attendant about my disease and the possibility that I would need to go to the bathroom urgently during flight. The first time, I didn’t let the flight attendant know and almost had an accident. But the flight after, I did inform her and it made it a less stressful situation when I did have to go and hand my baby over to her. So two things to remember:

1. Get a wheelchair

2. Talk with your flight attendant

Try and get plenty of rest before you travel and don’t stress about the people around you. Give your baby a bottle when you take off and when you land so that the sucking motion will stop their ears from clogging and prevent any fits. I changed Jax right before we boarded the plane and rocked him in the stroller to get him to sleep. Made sure he was nice and warm. As he got older, I gave him things to do while on the plane. Snacks, toys, a movie, etc. For the most part he slept, which I was very grateful for! Take some food on the flight with you if you have a toddler, just in case. It’s gonna be all good! Enjoy! Happy Travels!

Jaxon It’s Your Birthday…Happy Birthday Jaxon!

This past Sunday was Jaxon’s 3rd birthday! My baby is not only a preschooler, but he’s been on this earth for three years! Three years ago I gave birth to this little guy. So now you understand why I have been a bit MIA. Not only was I planning this Pirate Extravaganza, but I was somewhere in a dark corner, clutching his receiving blanket crying like the rest of you mothers out there. And YES I still have his receiving blanket! Don’t act like you don’t! This year was special because the first two birthdays the kids could really careless about the party, cake and presents. But this year he was actually asking about his birthday. He told me what kind of party he wanted. He picked out some toys he wanted and even asked for a Red Velvet cake! So this past Sunday he hosted family and mates in the park for a few hours.

Now if you’re not careful a party can become extremely expensive. Especially in Los Angeles and when you don’t have the time to really plan or find deals. I knew that the time around the month I would need to plan it would be crazy with my last surgery, so I just started early. People were making fun of me for planning a child’s October birthday party in July, but because of it I was able to Jax a truly AARGH-RIFIC birthday party. Almost everything I purchased for this party was at least 15% off, including personalized invitations & thank you cards. I scoured the internet sites like Birthday Express, Party City and Birthday Direct for their Clearance Items. A low and behold I came across items for a mere $1. I got party hats, balloon weights, packages of ID Bracelets (for the parents), cups, etc. all for a $1 each and/or packages. I was able to find a deal for a great pirate theme jumper & kids tables & chair rentals for 20% off. Why? How? Planning early and lots of researching helped keep the party low, but the party moved! The kids were entertained the entire time and Jaxon was on top of the world!

Now because Jax insisted that girls cannot be pirates, it became a Pirate & Princess party. Each pirate mate got a hat, sword, Mardi Gras beads and a goody bag attached to their chairs. The Princesses got Tiaras, Mardi Gras beads and their goody bags were attached to their chairs. On the tables were rolled down bags filled with Pirate’s Gold (Chocolate Gold Coins), Jewels (Ring Pops), Pirate’s Booty (Hershey’s Kisses), Shark Bait (Goldfish) for them to snack on. Each bag had beads hanging from them, and the table was littered with beads and fake gold coins. We served Cannonballs (Grapes), Pirate Swords (Celery & Carrot sticks), Pirate Peg Legs (BBQ Chicken I made myself), Squid Tentacles (Turkey Dogs), Swarmy Muddy Waters (Spinach dip & Onion Dip) w/ Sail Boats (Chips). We had one Crystal Light Sugar Free Drink and regular lemonade, as well as bottled waters. A great friend from Sweet Dreams Cakes & Things created a smash cake for Jax that was the epitome of cuteness! It was also incredibly tasty!

Looking like a Liberace version of a Pirate my son jumped in that bouncer so much and so hard in a 45 minute time span that he busted all the buttons off his costume. That boy came out of the jumper with his shirt flapping open, hat cocked to the side and rosy red cheeks! We were going to go with the pirate ship rental, but we didn’t think we’d have enough space, so we went with a regular pirate theme with hooks! But if you have the room to set sail on one, reach out to Magic Jump Rentals! Used their pirate ship bouncer before and it’s too cool! He sat with the discipline of a well-trained actor to get his face painted by the great Phoenix The Pirate (provided by Happily Ever After Parties) and then sat ready to participate in her wonderful magic show with his Matey’s & Pirate Officers. A day in the park with food, laughter and love is a wonderful way to celebrate a life. Especially one you gave birth to! I don’t imagine it could have been any more special! Ahh, three! What a great year! A new kind of independence, curiosity, and fun! What a great way to start off three! In a costume as your favorite character surrounded by love, with non stop fun, candy and goldfish! Not to mention a car full of presents on the way home.

Happy Birthday Cap’N Jax!

You’re 3, What do you know about the Tooth Fairy?!

You see this is the problem with school. Your kid starts to come home with all these crazy ideas and notions they get from their little hooligan school posse! My kid will be 3 next week, he just got his last molar in a few months ago. He’s not even close to loosing any of his little teeth, so how and why has my kid been wondering how he can get in touch with the Tooth Fairy! Uh…er…wha?! How can you get in touch with the Tooth Fairy? He looks at me with this look like, uh yea! “Yea, Is Tooth Fairy coming my house?” It was almost as traumatic as when a boy I use to babysit told me he didn’t think the Tooth Fairy existed because if she was a real fairy, she would leave him crisp new bills! WHAT?! Who are these children with all these questions? I’m not ready for this! UGH! Okay so I explain the Tooth Fairy, what she is and what she brings to OLDER children whose teeth fall out ON THEIR OWN! I tried to emphasize ON THEIR OWN with my kid, just because the flash of my kid running his face into the wall to make a buck hit me like lightning! So easy enough, I explain it and he’s cool with it.

A few days later my grandmother calls me laughing. She says that when she took Jax with her to go to the doctor, he walks over to the nurse and says, “I needa talk a dentist pwease!” My grandmother asks him what he needs with a dentist and he responds, “Cause I needa pull out my teef so I can get some monies from da toof fairy under my pillow!”…. *insert blank stare here*…Didn’t I say OLDER CHILDREN? And teeth that fall out ON THEIR OWN?!…. Jesus Take The Wheel!